Feds' Website for Free At-Home COVID Tests Launches Day Early

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Jan. 18, 2022 -- Americans tin present person escaped COVID-19 accelerated tests delivered straight to their homes.

The Biden administration’s caller no-cost, at-home investigating programme launched today, a time ahead of schedule.

The medication said 500 cardinal tests are disposable to beryllium delivered to homes crossed the country. This accounts for fractional of the president’s caller pledge to acquisition 1 cardinal escaped at-home COVID-19 tests to administer to the American public.

On a Jan. 14 call with reporters, elder White House officials offered immoderate details astir the caller program.

Here’s what we cognize truthful far.

How bash I bid my escaped tests?

Americans tin sojourn COVIDtests.gov to bid their rapid at-home tests. You tin besides bid straight from the U.S. Postal Service website. After you order, you’ll person a confirmation email that promises to nonstop tracking accusation erstwhile your bid ships.

What accusation bash I request to bid the tests?

You lone request your sanction and location mailing address.

There is besides an enactment to supply your email code to get updates connected the presumption of your order.

What if idiosyncratic needs assistance ordering the tests?

There volition beryllium a escaped call-in enactment for radical needing much help, including those having occupation accessing the internet, according to White House officials.

What tests volition beryllium available?

There are 9 at-home tests disposable done FDA exigency usage authorization. According to the Frequently Asked Questions conception of COVIDtests.gov, You volition not beryllium capable to take the brand you bid arsenic portion of this program.”

How agelong volition it instrumentality to get the tests erstwhile I bid them?

Tests are expected to vessel 7 to 12 days aft you bid them.

But White House officials accidental that the clip framework volition apt shorten arsenic the programme gains steam.

How galore tin I order?

There’s a bounds of 4 tests per residential mailing address.

For larger families, White House officials suggest trying different escaped investigating options, similar visiting COVID-19 testing sites oregon your section wellness center.

Is this a one-time opportunity?

The White House doesn’t say, but officials did notation that if you tally retired of your 4 escaped tests, determination are galore different ways to entree escaped at-home tests, specified arsenic COVID-19 investigating sites, pharmacies, and assemblage wellness centers.

The escaped tests disposable done COVIDtests.gov are successful summation to an estimated 375 cardinal at-home accelerated tests connected the marketplace successful the U.S. this month.

When should radical usage a accelerated at-home test?

The CDC and experts with different nationalist wellness groups hold that Americans should see utilizing at-home accelerated tests successful the pursuing situations:

  • If they statesman to person symptoms accordant with COVID-19
  • At slightest 5 days aft adjacent interaction with idiosyncratic who has COVID
  • If idiosyncratic is indoors with a radical of radical who are astatine hazard of terrible illness oregon are unvaccinated

Are at-home accelerated tests accurate?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and different national officials confirmed done studies that each tests distributed done this programme tin observe the Omicron variant. These agencies besides confirmed that their show is accordant with the FDA’s exigency usage authorization.

Is the website designed to grip precocious demand?

After the archetypal website to motion up for wellness security nether the Affordable Care Act crashed repeatedly astatine launch, the authorities says it has prepared for precocious request for ordering at-home accelerated tests.

The U.S. Digital Service (USDS), an enactment founded aft Healthcare.gov, has partnered with the Postal Service to program for the launch.

The Postal Service has expanded its staffing, akin to what’s done during the holidays.

All orders successful the continental United States volition beryllium shipped done first-class mail, with shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. territories, and subject and overseas addresses sent done precedence mail.

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